Profile Database Access via MDSplus

Profile database data is accessible from `' via MDSplus, thanks to Tom Fredian, Josh Stillerman and Martin Greenwald at MIT who have helped with setting up the server and in converting the data.

We'd appreciate MDSplus users testing this new way to access Profile Database data. Please Report any Problems, so we can fix them!

Documentation on MDSplus for Profile Database:

If you are new to MDSplus, then Tom Fredian's talk is probably the best place to start.

Example routines to Read/Write MDSplus trees:

  1. Simple IDL Example reading a few database items into an IDL program
  2. IDL procedure to read all profile database data from a given discharge into IDL structures (originally from Martin Greenwald)
  3. Fortran Example reading a few database items into a Fortran program, with the makefile to compile with the Absoft f77 compiler (originally from David Mikkelsen)
  4. MATLAB Example reading a few database items into a MATLAB program (from Frederic Imbeaux)
  5. IDL example to write an MDSplus tree on the MDSplus server (Malcolm Walters)
  6. TCL script to generate profile database model tree files (Josh Stillerman):
NB you must first install MDSplus on your machine before running these!
Please also feel free to contribute any additional examples which may be of general use!

MDSplus Server and Tree Names

If you want to get started, then the following information is crucial.

DatabasePR08PR98Working DBITB DB
MDSplus Server Name`'`' `'`'
Tree Namespr08_tok1pr98_tok1tok1itb_tok1
Read Accessunrestrictedunrestrictedregistration required2 registration required2
Write Accessnot applicablenot applicableregistration required3 registration required3

1 where tok= `aug', `cmod', `d3d', `ftu', `jet', `jt60u', `rtp', 't10', 'tftr', 'ts', 'txtr'
2 permission must be granted from the appropriate ITPA group.
3 only bona-fide data-providers will be granted write access int the database transit areas

Registration for MDSplus Access to Restricted Databases

MDSplus access to WDB and ITB databases is ONLY possible for registered IP addresses/usernames. PR98 is NOT subject to this restriction. To access the restricted databases (WDB, ITB) via MDSplus, you must register with us the following information:
To register simply email your registration details.