We anticipate that more tools and documentation will be added to these pages in the future, but in the meantime please enjoy what is here and feel free to contribute!

Some Useful Contributed Software

Various Ufile read/write software:
  1. Stan Kaye's FORTRAN and IDL routines to write UFILES from TRANSP could be useful for data providers.
  2. Malcolm Walters FORTRAN routines to read and write more recent and more flexible 0D UFILES (also useful for data providers.)
Various software to read/write MDSplus trees:
  1. Simple IDL Example reading a few database items into an IDL program
  2. IDL procedure to read all profile database data from a given discharge into IDL structures (originally from Martin Greenwald)
  3. Fortran Example reading a few database items into a Fortran program, with the makefile to compile with the Absoft f77 compiler (originally from David Mikkelsen)
  4. MATLAB Example reading a few database items into a MATLAB program (from Frederic Imbeaux)
  5. IDL example to write an MDSplus tree on the MDSplus server (Malcolm Walters)
  6. TCL script to generate profile database model tree files (Josh Stillerman):