List of Comments Fields in the Profile Database
Index Comments Fields DescriptionMDSplus NodenameData Type
1Tokamak: tokamak nameTOKAMAKString
2Pulse number: shot numberSHOTString
3Contact person: contact person at the experimentCONTACTString
4Institution: institutionINSTITUTIONString
5Date of shot: date of shotSHOT_DATEString
6Analysis code(s): codes used for data analysis ANAL_CODESString
7Run number:run numberRUN_NUMBERString
8Date of analysis: date of analysisANAL_DATESString
9Assumptions: main assumptions made in the analysisASSUMPTIONString
10Shot description: summary of useful informationDESCRIPTIONString
11Publication: publicationPUBLICATIONString
12Additional: any additional informationADDITIONALString
--full comments file (recovers corrupted comments files)ALLString

List of 0D Variables in the Profile Database
Index 0D Variable DescriptionUnitsData Type
1TOKtokamak -String
2UPDATE last update YYYYMMDD-Integer
3DATE shot date YYYYMMDD-Integer
4SHOT shot #-String
5TIME timesReal
6AUXHEAT auxiliary heating type-String
7PHASE plasma phase-String
8STATE plasma state ('STEADY' or 'TRANS')-String
9PGASA mass number of main gasamuInteger
10PGASZ charge number of main gas-Integer
11BGASA mass number of beam gasamuInteger
12BGASZ charge number of beam gas-Integer
13BGASA2 mass number of 2nd beam gas (JET)amuInteger
14BGASZ2 charge number of 2nd beam gas (JET)-Integer
15PIMPA mass number of main impurityamuInteger
16PIMPZ charge number of main impurity-Integer
17PELLET pellet material-String
18RGEO geometric axismReal
19RMAG magnetic axismReal
20AMIN minor radiusmReal
21SEPLIM minimum separation between separatrix and limiter/wallmReal
22XPLIM minimum separation between Xpoint and limiter/wallmReal
23KAPPA plasma elongation-Real
24DELTA triangularity-Real
25INDENT indentationmReal
26AREA poloidal cross sectional aream^2Real
27VOL plasma volumem^3Real
28CONFIG limiter/divertor configuration-String
29IGRADB ion gradB drift towards/away (1/-1) from Xpoint-Integer
30WALMAT wall material-String
31DIVMAT divertor material-String
32LIMMAT limiter material-String
33EVAP evaporated wall conditioning material-String
34BT vacuum toroidal magnetic field at geometric axisTReal
35IP plasma currentAReal
36VSURF loop voltageVReal
37Q95 safety factor at 95% poloidal flux-Real
38BEPMHDpoloidal beta-Real
39BETMHDtoroidal beta-Real
40BEPDIApoloidal beta from diamagnetic loop-Real
41NEL central line averaged electron densitym^-3Real
42DNELDT time derivative of central line averaged electron densitym^-3/sReal
43ZEFFline averaged effective charge-Real
44PRAD radiated powerWReal
45POHM Ohmic powerWReal
46ENBI neutral beam energyVReal
47PINJ power injected by main neutral beamWReal
48BSOURCE main beam power fractions F1*10000+F2*100+F3 (F1 F2 F3 all to nearest %)-Integer
49PINJ2 power injected by auxiliary neutral beamWReal
50BSOURCE2 auxiliary beam power fractions F1*10000+F2*100+F3 (F1 F2 F3 all to nearest %)-Integer
51COCTR fraction of beam power co-injected-Real
52PNBI total injected beam power minus shine throughWReal
53ECHFREQ ECH frequencyHzReal
54ECHMODE mode of ECH waves-String
55ECHLOC ECH launch location-String
56PECH ECH power coupling to plasmaWReal
57ICFREQ ICRH frequencyHzReal
58ICSCHEME ICRH heating scheme-String
59ICANTEN ICRH antenna phasing-String
60PICRH ICRH power coupling to plasmaWReal
61LHFREQ LH frequencyHzReal
62LHNPAR LH parallel mode number-Real
63PLH LH power coupling to plasmaWReal
64IBWFREQ IBW frequencyHzReal
65PIBW IBW power coupling to plasmaWReal
66TE0 central TeeVReal
67TI0 central TieVReal
68WFANI fraction of fast ion energy in perpendicular direction-Real
69WFICRH perpendicular fast ion energy content during ICRHJReal
70MEFF effective atomic mass numberamuReal
71ISEQ parameter scan identifier-String
72WTH thermal plasma energy contentJReal
73WTOT total plasma energy contentJReal
74DWTOT time derivative of total plasma energy contentJs^-1Real
75PL uncorrected loss powerWReal
76PLTHloss power with correction for cx and orbit lossesWReal
77TAUTOT total energy confinement timesReal
78TAUTH thermal energy confinement timesReal

List of 1D Variables in the Profile Database
Index 1D Variable DescriptionUnitsData Type
1IP plasma currentAReal
2BT vacuum toroidal field at geometric axisTReal
3AMIN minor radiusmReal
4RGEO geometric axismReal
5KAPPA elongation-Real
6DELTA triangularity-Real
7INDENT indentationmReal
8PNBI total injected NBI powerWReal
9PECH coupled ECH powerWReal
10PICRH coupled ICRH powerWReal
11PLH coupled LH powerWReal
12PIBW coupled IBW powerWReal
13PFLOSS lost NBI powerWReal
14PRADtotal radiated powerW Real
15ZEFF line averaged effective charge-Real
16NEL line averaged electron densitym^-3Real
17VSURF plasma surface loop voltageVReal
18VLOOP measured loop voltageVReal
19LI internal inductance-Real
20NMAIN0 central main ion densitym^-3Real
21THNT thermal neutron yields^-1Real
22WTH thermal plasma energy contentJReal
23WTOT total plasma energy contentJReal
24TE0 core electron temperatureeVReal
25TI0 core ion temperatureeVReal
26Q95 safety factor at 95% poloidal flux-Real
27POHM Ohmic powerWReal
28IBOOT bootstrap currentAReal
29PHIA toroidal fluxWbReal
30PFUSION DT fusion powerWReal

List of 2D Variables in the Profile Database
Index 2D Variable DescriptionUnitsData Type
1TE interpolated electron temperatureeVReal
2TEEB error in interpolated electron temperatureeVReal
3TEXP experimental electron temperatureeVReal
4TEXPEB error in experimental electron temperatureeVReal
5TI interpolated ion temperatureeVReal
6TIEB error in interpolated ion temperatureeVReal
7TIXP experimental ion temperatureeVReal
8TIXPEB error in experimental ion temperatureeVReal
9NE interpolated electron densitym^-3Real
10NEEB error in interpolated electron densitym^-3Real
11NEXP experimental electron densitym^-3Real
12NEXPEB error in experimental electron densitym^-3Real
13QNBIE NBI electron power depositionW/m^3Real
14QICRHE ICRH electron power depositionW/m^3Real
15QECHE ECH electron power depositionW/m^3Real
16QLHE LH electron power depositionW/m^3Real
17QIBWE IBW electron power depositionW/m^3Real
18QNBII NBI ion power depositionW/m^3Real
19QICRHI ICRH ion power depositionW/m^3Real
20QECHI ECH ion power depositionW/m^3Real
21QLHI LH ion power depositionW/m^3Real
22QIBWI IBW ion power depositionW/m^3Real
23SNBIE NBI electron sourcem^-3/sReal
24SNBII NBI ion sourcem^-3/sReal
25CURNBI NBI driven current profileA/m^2Real
26CURICRH ICRH driven current profileA/m^2Real
27CURECH ECH driven current profileA/m^2Real
28CURLH LH driven current profileA/m^2Real
29NFAST fast ion density profilem^-3Real
30QRAD radiated power densityW/m^3Real
31IOTAVAC stellarator (not tokamaks) vacuum rotational transform-Real
32ZEFFR effective charge profile-Real
33ZEFFREB error in effective charge profile-Real
34Q safety factor profile-Real
35QEB error in safety factor profile-Real
36CHIE estimated electron thermal diffusivitym^2/sReal
37CHII estimated ion thermal diffusivitym^2/sReal
38NM1 interpolated main ion densitym^-3Real
39NM1EB error in interpolated main ion densitym^-3Real
40NM1XP experimental main ion densitym^-3Real
41NM1XPEB error in experimental main ion densitym^-3Real
42NM2 interpolated 2nd main ion densitym^-3Real
43NM2EB error in interpolated 2nd main ion densitym^-3Real
44NM2XP experimental 2nd main ion densitym^-3Real
45NM2XPEB error in experimental 2nd main ion densitym^-3Real
46NM3 interpolated 3rd main ion densitym^-3Real
47NM3EB error in interpolated 3rd main ion densitym^-3Real
48NM3XP experimental 3rd main ion densitym^-3Real
49NM3XPEB error in experimental 3rd main ion densitym^-3Real
50NIMP interpolated impurity ion densitym^-3Real
51NIMPEB error in interpolated impurity ion densitym^-3Real
52NIMPXP experimental impurity ion densitym^-3Real
53NIMPXPEB error in experimental impurity ion densitym^-3Real
54QOHM Ohmic power densityW/m^3Real
55QEI equipartition power densityW/m^3Real
56CURTOT total current densityA/m^2Real
57CURTOTEB error in total current densityA/m^2Real
58VROT fitted toroidal angular speedrad/sReal
59VROTEB error in fitted toroidal angular speedrad/sReal
60VROTXP experimental toroidal angular speedrad/sReal
61VROTXPEB error in experimental toroidal angular speedrad/sReal
62DWER time derivative of electron thermal energy densityW/m^3Real
63DWIR time derivative of ion thermal energy densityW/m^3Real
64DNER time derivative of electron density m^-3/sReal
65SWALL ion particle source from ionisation of recycled wall neutralsm^-3/sReal
66QWALLE electron heat loss from ionisation of wall neutralsW/m^3Real
67QWALLI ion heat loss from ionisation/CX of wall neutralsW/m^3Real
68QFUSE fusion power deposition to electronsW/m^3Real
69QFUSI fusion power deposition to ionsW/m^3Real
70BPOL flux surface averaged poloidal magnetic fieldTReal
71RMAJOR major radiusmReal
72RMINOR minor radiusmReal
73VOLUME volumem^3Real
74KAPPAR elongation-Real
75DELTAR triangularity-Real
76INDENTR indentationmReal
77SURF surface aream^2Real
78GRHO1 <|grad rho|>m^-1Real
79GRHO2 <|grad rho|^2>m^-2Real