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2008 Public Release of The International Multi-Tokamak Confinement Profile Database

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Use and Publication of this Database:

Assembly and maintenance of this database represents a large amount of work by a large group of dedicated individuals. Users should therefore realize that it is important not to take such an effort for granted but to properly acknowledge it in any publication that may use this data. Anyone may make analyses, presentations and publications based on the public version of the Profile Database, provided that they cite the following paper describing the public version of the database.

  1. "The 2008 Public Release of the International Multi-tokamak Confinement Profile Database", C M Roach, M Walters, R V Budny, F Imbeaux, TW Fredian et al, Nuc. Fus., 48, 125001 (2008): This is a publication describing the 2008 Public Release of the confinement profile database.

For publications using a smaller number of individual discharges from this database use also the references given in the comment file (*_com.dat) of the discharges where this is available.


Even though the contributing laboratories and the committee overseeing this database have done their best to ensure that each discharge is as complete and accurate as possible, some errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the submitted data are inevitable. Any data in this database is therefore provided 'as is' and believed to be correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of its release. Detailed questions on the data should be addressed directly to the discharge data-provider, who is listed as the contact in the corresponding comments data.